Creating Highlight Reels ►

Highlight Reels are great for sharing multiple clips of film to distribute to your players, other coaches, recruiters, and the rest of the world. Krossover automatically compiles clips you select into a playlist, and gives you full control on how the highlight reels are shared.


Creating A Highlight Reel

To create a highlight reel, navigate to the Video Breakdown for any of the broken down games in your account. Once there, start filtering your film based on the types of plays you'd like to have in your highlight reel:

Once you have found a clip or set of clips you want to add to a highlight reel, select the play by checking the box to the left of the play number and description:

Once you have selected desired clip, go ahead and add the clip to a new or existing highlight reel using the "choose a highlight reel" dropdown menu above the play(s) you just selected.

Now it's time to see how to share your highlight reels!