Editing Video Stats

When we breakdown your game there might be situations where we are unable to identify or mistakenly misidentify your player. As a coach, you have the ability to edit misidentified and unknown players.

To edit video stats, expand the play in the viewing section next to the video player.


By clicking on the stat that you would like to edit, you will be allowed to change that information.


Krossover Magic: Any edits you make will be automatically updated in our game stats for you.

Please Note: As a coach, you are not able to edit the events themselves (i.e. changing a two point shot to a three pointer). If you would like to alter the event itself, please email support@krossover.com listing your name, name of the game, play number and a short description of what you are trying to alter. If you are looking to add stats due to missing film, please only include the stats that need to be added to make them correct. Basically, just let us know what the stats in the missing part of the film were. 

Keep in mind that you can reduce the number of unknowns or misidentified players by adding complete rosters for both teams and filming the game to our standards.