Basketball Overview ►

Krossover Basketball Features

  • Breakdown of every play and event
  • Unlimited sharing with anyone
  • Box scores plus advanced season stats
  • Upload as many games as you like for full sharing
  • Access from any device
  • Film Room
  • Shot charts, linked to video
  • Telestration and notes
  • Unlimited 24/7 support

What We Breakdown

  • Made Shots - Dunks, Jumpers, Layups, 3-Pointers, Tip in
  • Missed Shots - Dunks, Jumpers, Layups, 3-Pointers, Tip in
  • Rebounds - Defensive, Offensive
  • Fouls - Defensive, Loose Ball, Offensive, Shooting, Technical
  • Free Throws - Made, Missed
  • Other - Out of Bounds, Violations, Deflections, Steals, 2nd Chances, Jumpball
  • Inbounds - Sideline, Baseline
  • Setups - Play Drive Left, Drive Right, Fastbreak, Halfcourt

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