Film Upload Service

Krossover’s Film Upload Service helps football teams that use other film exchanges to save time uploading and downloading film. Coaches can receive a full game breakdown in 24-36 hours by just sending an email.

How does it work?

1. Talk with our support team about which game film exchange you’re using.

2. When you have games to breakdown, just forward the film download email to and include the game date, teams, rosters, and anything else that will help the accuracy of your breakdown.

3. Within 12 hours, you will receive a confirmation email that the game was received and when you can expect it in your Krossover account.
How much does it cost?

The Film Upload Service is FREE with any “Champion” or “Dynasty” football packages. A team must have one of these packages to use the Film Upload Service.
What film exchanges do you support?

We currently support Hudl Exchange and Dropbox. Other platforms may be supported, please contact support to see if we can accommodate your request. Here is how you can download film from Hudl Exchange.
What do I need to add when sending a game via email?
  • Send the download link + the below information to
  • Date of the game
  • Is this a scouting or regular game? Who are the teams?
  • Uniform colors for the home and away team
  • Attached rosters for both teams (suggested, not required)
  • The score of the game

Here is an example of what the email to should look like: