Uploading from an iPad ►

Here you will find the steps for uploading videos filmed on an IPad to Krossover using a mac computer. At this time Krossover does not support direct uploads from the IPad, files must first be transferred to your laptop/desktop

1.) Connect Ipad
2.) iPhoto will open
3.) Next, Select the files you want to import.
4.) Select your files and hit Import.
5.) When the Import is complete into iphoto select the videos you will be uploading to Krossover  and click File — Export.
6.) Select the file type as Original. Do not select jpeg, png or tiff as those are photo file types. 
7.) Select Export Location (Desktop is probably easiest, but your computer may default to downloads or documents.)
8.) Hit OK to Export Files
9.) Upload Files to Krossover

How to upload on a PC 

1) Plug your iPad into your computer using the USB cord

2) Import your video to Photo Library

3) Drag the video clip(s) out of your photo library to your desktop or another location on your computer

4) You're ready to start your upload!


Helpful tips when filming on an iPad

1) When shooting iPad video always turn the iPad on its side and film in landscape form, make sure to hold your iPad with the Home button on the right otherwise the video will show upside down.

2) Use a tripod.

3) Watch our video on How to Film Your Games.