Volleyball Rotations and Serve Reception Quality

Currently, we mark rotations based on the initial setter position. We base the position off of service order. Please see the diagram for the position numbers.

Serve Reception Quality:
Serve reception is graded on a scale from 0-3.

0 – for a reception error

1 – for an overpass or where the setter can’t actually set the ball. It is primarily a low trajectory shot that is not directly to the setter.

2 – when the setter can use the traditional setting form, but had to move to get it. Basically a good trajectory reception, but poor location.

3 – generally good trajectory to the location of the setter.

Serve Quality:
Serve Quality is primarily based on the quality of the reception the other team is able to perform.

0 - Service Error

1 - Serve with a serve reception quality of 3

2 - Serve with a serve reception quality of 2

3 - Serve with a serve reception quality of 1 or an overpass

4 - Ace