Recommended Browsers

At Krossover, we try to do everything we can do to support all current and major web browsers. However, some of our technologies are so new that a few browsers may hinder your overall Krossover experience.

Not all browsers are created equal. Here's what to expect:
  • Google Chrome Highly Recommended: This is hands down the best browser to use Krossover with. The entire Krossover team uses Google Chrome, and it's the most preferred browser. You can download Chrome for PC or Mac right here.
  • Safari Recommended: Safari is also a fantastic browser to use Krossover with. It's available for both Mac and PC, and you can download it right here.
  • Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox Not Recommended/Not Supported: Krossover does not officially support any current or past version of these browsers. Internet Explorer does not allow Krossover to do some of the amazing things it wants to do, therefore it's difficult for you to have a good experience with Internet Explorer. If your school's IT department only allows Internet Explorer, please reach out to them and ask if they can make an exception. We will gladly speak with your IT department to help them verify that no issues should arise from using Krossover in one of our recommended web browsers.