Windows 8: Disabling Your Touchscreen Computer Settings

How to Disable Windows 8 Touchscreen Settings

If you are running Krossover on a Windows 8 Laptop with a touchscreen you may run into an issue when using on-screen telestrations and the other icons located at that bottom of Krossover’s video player (Telestrations, slow motion, etc.). Sometimes those buttons become unresponsive to mouse clicks and force you to use your touchscreen.

If you wish to use Krossover with just your mouse and keyboard, please follow these steps to disable your computer’s touchscreen.

  1. Go to Device Manager

  2. Click to expand the device manager tab.

  3. Find Human Interface Devices and click to expand.

  4. Find the “HID Compliant Device” listing.

  5. Click to disable.


Once you disable your touchscreen you should be able to use your mouse.