Adding Rosters and Player Accounts ►

Before getting started with Krossover you will want to add your teams roster for the current season. Players can be added individually or by using our excel roster file. 

Players also have Krossover accounts, which gives them the ability to review film on any device as well as receive specific highlight reels coaches want them to see.

Think about it, your players will now have the ability to access their game film from anywhere. Your coaches can also send them specific highlight reels to review for training or scouting purposes. Help your players become students of the game without being with them!


1- Go to the team tab and click on ‘roster’.



2- You will have two options for uploading your roster, adding your team manually or by uploading an excel file.



3- To add your team manually, click on the ‘Add new player’ icon and fill in the required information. You will need to repeat this for each player on your team. Please note that you can select multiple positions for a player, and if you add your athlete’s email address then an athlete account will automatically be created for them.


4- To add your roster via an excel file, click on ‘Upload Roster via Excel’ and follow the steps outlined on the screen below. Please make sure you are leaving the ‘excel roster file’ as is and not changing any of the columns or formatting of the spreadsheet. Also, make sure to use the abbreviations listed for each position, shown below.