Adding Play Tags ►

The 'Add Tag' feature allows users to 'Tag' plays in the Video Breakdown and give them a specific name. This tag is then searchable as a Filter.

To add a tag to a play follow these steps.

1. Open a broken down game - Place a check in the box of the play you would like to tag 

2. The 'Add Tag' button will appear to the upper right of the play list. Once clicked If you have previously created Tags they will show on the list, you can create a new tag or search previously created tags by typing the name of the tag you would like to create in the search box. 

3. Once you have finished typing the name of the tag click on the name under the Create New Tag (for new tags) or Matching Tags ( for already existing tags). This will select the name and ready it to be applied to your play. You can add as many tags as you want to one play. Select all the tags for that play and click the apply button.

4. Once a tag or tags have been successfully applied to a play you will see two things 1.) The name of the tag below the play in the video breakdown, as well as a tag icon at the top of the play. 

5. The tag will also become a searchable in the filter plays feature