Sharing Telesetrations with Players

Telestrations made directly to the breakdown are only visible to members of the coaching staff. To share telestrated clips with players please follow the steps below:

1.) Select the clips from the breakdown you would like to telestrate and share with players  - Add the clips to a reel.


2.) Go to Film Home > Reels and open the reel you would like to telestrate and add telestrations.

3. Use the 'Share' option to the top right of the video to share your telestrations with players on your team. 

You must first create a reel, then telestrate on the clip in the reel. Telestrations made directly to breakdowns will not transfer. 

All coaches will have access to telestrations on Breakdown or Raw Film.

Krossover does not currently offer a way to share raw film telestrations with players. This feature will be coming in a future release.