Using MoviePro for Ipad

MoviePro is a third party app available in the Apple App Store for a purchase price of 4.99.

MoviePro allows you to pause your recordings during timeouts and game delays instead of stopping the recording. In turn your game will be one file instead of multiple clips. Multiple clips with the IPad may cause a frame rate compatibility issue.

Using MoviePro

1.) Download MoviePro from the App Store

2.) Open the app to record. Start your recording by pressing the large Red Dot to the right of the screen. 

3.) To pause your recording press the pause button to the right of the video. Use this feature during timeouts, HALFTIME, and any other extended dead ball period in the game. Do not STOP the recording until the end of the game. 

4.) Once the game is concluded press the STOP button. The film will move to apps library, go to the library and move the file to your Camera Roll. The film will save to your camera roll and you can upload to Krossover using the Uploading from an IPad instructions.