Processing Failures

On rare occasions you will receive a notification in your account and email for a game that has FAILED PROCESSING .

If you receive this notification:

1.) DO NOT DELETE THE FILM - Keeping the file in your account is essential to resolution process. 

2.) Before contacting Krossover Support get the GAME ID for the failed game. You can do this by clicking on the game. The game ID will be located in the address bar. It is a 5-7 digit number. The ID for the game below is 616340

What does it mean? 

After your game uploads successfully, prior to it being available for viewing, our system "processes" the film. This "processing" stage merges and formats your film to Krossover quality standards. During this process you video may run into an issue that made it unable to complete this step, thus the failure. 

But my game uploaded successfully! 

Yes, upload and processing failure are not connected. Your game may successfully upload (your progress bar turns green and reads "upload complete") and you still receive a processing failure. 

What do I do now? Do i have to start my upload over again?

Unfortunately you will need to re-attempt the upload from scratch. When the processing fails, our system automatically dumps the files and we can not retrieve them. 

Why did this happen?

The most common reasons for processing failures:

1.) File Mis-Match 

The files you have uploaded are may be 2 different types ( .mp4, .vob, .mts, .mov, etc) All files in an upload should be the same file type. 

2.) Resolution Mis-Match 

The files in the upload have multiple resolutions. This is most common if you record on an Ipad, but can also come from using different devices to film one game ( i.e. camera battery dies, you use another camera to finish the game, file types are the same but each device has a different resolution setting) 

3.) Corrupted File

One or more of your files may be corrupted. This can happen during transfer (From Camera to desktop or DVD) or during the recording process. 

 These issue can be resolved by converting and merging your film 

4.) Upload time out 

It is possible that the upload did not successfully complete and 'timed out' sometime during the process. This is most common when the computer sleep settings are not turned off. I some cases this can also be caused by a temporary loss of internet connection (most common during overnight uploads).