Soccer Overview

Krossover is proud to include SOCCER as part of its breakdown sports for 2017! If you are interested in Krossover Soccer please contact a sales rep. 

What are we tagging?

  • All Shots (Player ID)

  • Goals/Own Goals (Player ID)

  • Assists (Player ID)

  • Saves (Player ID)

  • Header Shot Attempts (Player ID)

  • Free Kicks (Player ID)

  • Corner Kicks (Player ID)

  • Blocked Shots (Player ID)

  • Crosses (Player ID)

  • Clearances (Player ID)

  • Fouls/Fouls Drawn (Player ID for both)

  • Bookings - Yellow/Red Cards (Player ID)

  • Penalty Kicks (Player ID)

  • Shootout Shots (Player ID)

  • Midfield Transitions - Including Transition Type (Dribble, Pass, Lob)

  • Offsides (Team ID)

  • Throw-Ins (Team ID)

  • Goal Kicks (Team ID)

  • Restarts (Team ID)

  • Fast Breaks (Team ID)

  • 50/50 Balls (No ID)


What won’t we be tagging?

  • Every Touch/Pass

  • Tackles

  • Interceptions

  • Dribbles/Take-ons

  • Pass Locations

  • Through Balls